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Design Engineer | Inventor | Permaculturist

Orianna M. Sibada C.


"I´m determined to create true prosperity for the planet and the most vulnerable whilst taking on inspiring projects in any industry alongside likeminded communities."  -O. M. S. C.

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Orianna is a Venezuelan/ Italian multidisciplinary Design Engineer with a tendency to work smart and standout in the most challenging projects. She has recently developed a passion for Biomimicry and is currently working towards her Permaculture Design Certification as she creates a self-sufficient suburban home. 


As a Design Engineer, she is constantly working on a variety of projects (both individually and as part of a team) simultaneously to effectively reach their corresponding deadlines; from creating a Light-seeking robot to developing a micro-hydro test machine-to designing and producing a Noninvasive Continuous Blood and Pulse Pressure (NCBPPP) Monitoring Device for her thesis at Bournemouth University. These covered all the aspects from the project proposal to market research-to the product’s technical engineering report, where she gained the wide range of technical skills shown on her CV.

During her placement with MSA Manufacturing Ltd. (Bournemouth, UK), she oversaw programming simple 2D-CNC milling applications as well as producing concise and accurate job instructions, drawing packs and programs for 3 and 5-axis milling machines, waterjet cutter, wire cutter and knife cutters. Orianna worked with customers’ templates by 3D scanning them to turn them into 2D CAD in order to create improved-accurate 3D products for their yachts composite structures on a deadline. She helped the sales team, went on customer site visits and was available to make last minute changes to improve production when needed. She also improved their customer experience by creating a neat set of drawing packs that make the unpacking and bonding experience easier by showing clearer instructions. This and a custom customer questionnaire were something that they have adapted in every job ever since. 


Orianna is currently part of a team developing a fully self-sufficient suburban homestead for a client to be fully finished by 2023, where she aided the compost process and soil maintenance, created a custom design for animal integration, and designed the adiabatic HVAC. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to do so through the 'Contact' section below.



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"Things don't have to change the world to be important" Steve Jobs

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